Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Travelling by Tuba!

Today we have had such a treat! Stewart and Chris from Travelling by Tuba came to visit! In the morning we all went down to the Junior hall with years one and two for a performance. Stewart and Chris showed us lots of different instruments from all over the world. Some of them were even more than 2000 years old. Here are a few pictures. 

This afternoon we went into the Infant hall for a workshop. We were going to have a go at playing some samba music. First of all Chris played the big drum. Then Amber had to tell him whether to play loudly or quietly. For him to play loudly she had to put her hands up in the air and to play quietly she had to put her hands down by her side. Then we all had a go! 

Next Stewart and Chris showed us all of the different instruments we were going to use to make our samba music and we practised keeping a steady beat. We used tambourines, shakers, maracas, triangles and scrapers. We had to stand in front of our instruments very smartly. 

The we all got to join in and play our instruments. We had a fantastic time!

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  1. Amber told me all about this special treat on the way home, thank you for sharing these photos with us it's very much appreciated x