Friday, 23 October 2015

Another Wonderful Week

We have had a lovely week full of learning and fun together. 

We started off by reading the story of The Tiger Who Came For Tea. In the story a tiger went to have tea at a little girl's house but he ate all of the food in the house and drank all of the drinks in the house all by himself! We had a think about what the tiger should have done and the children thought it would have been nicer if he'd shared. So we had our very own tea party! We worked in groups of 4 and the children had to share 1 jam sandwich, 2 mini rolls and 12 crackers equally between them. It was a little bit tricky but everyone managed to do it! 

Before we had our tea party we had to wash our hands properly using soap. We then used some of the bread to make our very own science experiment. We used a paper towel to put one piece of bread in a sandwich bag so that no hands had touched it. Then a second piece of bread was put into a sandwich bag using clean hands that had been washed properly. The last piece of bread was passed around the class and touched by all the the hands that hadn't been washed. The children have had a guess what will happen to the dirty bread so we will have to wait and see if they are right!

We have also been for an Autumn walk all around the outside of school. We saw lots of interesting things. Maybe your child can tell you about the things from looking at these pictures! 

We even managed to see Blackpool Tower from the school field! 

I hope the children have all enjoyed their first half term at school, I know I have! I look forward to seeing everybody on Tuesday 3rd November after enjoying a lovely week off! Stay safe and take care! 

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