Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Science week

This week is science week in school and we are thinking all about colour. Yesterday, to start our science week, each year group came to school dressed in a colour from the rainbow and we made a whole school picture!

We have also been sorting different coloured water beads out. They are very hard to hold as they are so slippery and bouncy and it takes lots of concentration. 

We've been using the light box to make the colours of the rainbow and we've been trying to mix coloured panels to make different colours. 

This afternoon we went on a caterpillar hunt. There were lots of different coloured caterpillars (string) hidden on the grass and each child found one caterpillar each. Then we counted how many of each colour they found. The children found it easy to spot the yellow, blue and red caterpillars but it was much trickier to find the green and brown ones. We then had a little discussion about why some animals are different colours to protect them in the wild.

We have also set up an experiment using cups of coloured water but we will have to watch this one carefully to find out what might happen. 

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