Friday, 14 July 2017

Science Day

Wow! Everybody looked amazing today! Well done to everybody who helped to make all of the costumes look so fantastic, we really appreciate the effort you went to. We've had an exciting science day together. We have learnt about how different fruits grow and where it comes from. Then we did 2 science experiments. First of all we tested which fruits float and which ones sink. Then we peeled them to see if it made a difference. See if your child can tell you what happened!  Next we cut up the fruit. We left some of it on a plate on its own, then we covered some in sugar and covered some more in lemon juice. We left it over lunch time to see what happened to it. It was very interesting. Ask your child to tell you what happened. Here are come photos of the children in their costumes! 
Have a wonderful weekend. I can't believe next week is our last week before summer! The children will go to visit their Year one classrooms and teachers on Monday morning.   

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