Wednesday, 23 September 2015

First full week.

The children are having a wonderful first full week at school. They have all made even more new friends and were excited to see some familiar faces from their nurseries. At lunchtime, the children have all enjoyed eating their dinner and playing out on the big playground with the year one and two children. Today we have been practising writing our names. 

We also went in the digging area for the first time today. The children had fun digging big holes and looking for creepy crawlies. We were lucky enough to see some worms and a caterpillar! 

If your child hasn't got wellies in school yet please send some in with their name clearly written in them.


  1. So nice to see what my daughter gets up to during her School day what a brilliant idea !!

  2. It's lovely to see what Amber does at school,thank you for sharing these precious moments x

  3. Glad you're enjoying looking at the blog!
    Miss Ladley.