Friday, 18 September 2015

First PE lesson.

The children have all enjoyed their very first PE lesson today. They all managed to get themselves changed and then we went to the hall. First of all we did some stretches. We made wide shapes, tall shapes and small shapes with our bodies.  Then we found lots of different ways of moving around the hall but we had to be very careful not to bump into each other and we tried to use all of the space available. The children had a fantastic time and they did so well! Here are a few pictures. 

Please remember that if your child comes to school with earrings in and they are unable to take them out themselves they will not be able to do PE.

I hope the children have enjoyed their first few weeks of school as much as I have. We've all had lots of fun and giggles and made some new friends. It has been lovely to get to know the children whilst they have been in part time and I'm looking forward to seeing them all together on Monday morning. Have a lovely weekend!

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